We develop, build, deploy, license and/or franchise Swift Fuels Process Technologies that produces high performance fuels and fuel blendstocks.



= Light Gas to Fuels Processing

  • Midstream NGL Processing -- we take low-cost NGL’s from the natural gas stream (ethane, propane, butane, and pentane+) and convert these to high-performance fuels...

  • Refining NGL Processing – we take light industrial gases from a refinery (typically 4% of the refining process -- including ethane, propane and LPG) and convert these to high-performance fuels.


= Increase to Fuel Economy

  • I2FE converts an intermediate refinery feedstream stream called “reformate” into a higher octane feedstream useful for blending premium gasoline

  • I2FE increases the octane value of the fuel and increases the energy density of the fuel (thereby increasing the mpg rating of the fuel)


= Reforming to C9+ Aromatics

  • Converts reformate to high-octane C9 aromatics for specialty fuels and base petrochemicals

  • Byproducts include an array of high value methyl-aromatics